“Hoek af” literally translated in english means “missing a corner”, but when somebody is missing a corner, in dutch, it means that they are a little bit crazy. I was thinking about these words while i was thinking of a friend who is “missing a corner”. It became obvious to me that although he misses a corner he actually is more interesting. And than it struck me that when you take a square and you cut of a corner two new corners are created, meaning that instead of loosing something, something is won. Every piece of “hoek af” has lost a corner and a leg, but won two corners and thus also won two legs. When people are missing a corner they still have their other corners, the ones they always had since creation, this is the more conventional part if you will; and the way i think about it the extra corner is a more colorful part. For the table and the chairs the same rules apply, so the wood is the conventional/classic part and the colorful part is the colorful part.